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Video della settimana 2012/13

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I video della settimana 2012/13

Troverete di seguito tutti i "video della settimana" che sono stati sulla home page del sito didascienze.it durante l'anno scolastico 2012/13.

Inizia l'anno scolastico: Che la forza sia con voi.

Inizia l'anno. Che la forza sia con voi

Video della settimana 4/10/12: The Elements Song

Un famoso brano, made in USA, del cantante/docente/matematico Tom Lehrer del 1959: tutti gli elementi della tavola periodica cantati velocemente. Provate a cantarlo voi ! Daniel Radcliffe c'è riuscito.

Video della settimana: 19/10/2012

Un video scientifico musicato da Synphony of Science, il settimo video musicale questa volta sulla teoria del Big Bang. Nel video compaiono Stephen Hawking (astrofisico), Richard Dawkins (biologo evoluzionista), Carl Sagan (fisico e divulgatore), Tara Shears (astrofisica) e Neil deGrasse Tyson (divulgatore).

23 ottobre 2012: Mole

Il "Mole day" in italiano si traduce letteralmente "giorno della talpa" ma la mole, in chimica, è l'unità di misura della quantità delle sostanze. Una mole di sostanza contiene un numero di particelle pari al cosiddetto numero di Amedeo Avogadro, matematico italiano, pari a . Il concetto di mole fu introdotto successivamente da Wilhelm Ostwald nel 1896.
Il giorno 23 ottobre (il 10° mese!) dalle ore 6.02 am alle 6.02 pm si festeggia in USA ed in Canada il "Mole Day" una giornata dedicata alla chimica.
In the early 1980's an article appeared in The Science Teacher about a high school chemistry teacher and her rational for the idea of celebrating the day. With this small article, the seed was planted for establishing a national organization. On May 15, 1991, the National Mole Day Foundation (NMDF) was born. News releases were sent to the regional and national news media, especially the chemical science news media, announcing the formation of the Foundation.
The purpose of the National Mole Day Foundation was and continues to be to get all persons, especially students, enthused about chemistry. To do that we would systematically collect ideas from many people, mostly high school chemistry teachers who celebrate Mole Day , assemble those ideas into idea newsletters, and then distribute them to those who become members of the Foundation.
(Dal sito ufficiale della National Mole Day Foundation)

Video della settimana 25/10/12: Chumbawamba 'Tubthumping'

Video della settimana 25/10/12: Tubthumping

Tubthumping letteralmente "parlare a vanvera" è il miglior brano dei Chumbawamba che ha raggiunto le vette dlle classifiche nel 1997. I ritornello dice: «I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never going to keep me down». ...traducete e meditate.

Video della settimana 22/11/2012: We are star dust

Un video di
Synphony of Sciences con le voci di Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss, Richard Feynman a proposito di nucleosintesi stellare: le reazioni nucleari che avvengono all'interno di una stella producono i nuclei degli elementi chimici. Quelle di grande massa producono elementi fino al ferro-56, mentre gli elementi più pesanti possono essere prodotti solo in un'esplosione di supernova.

[Neil deGrasse Tyson]
We are part of this universe
We are in this universe
The universe is in us
Yes, the universe is in us
[Lawrence Krauss]
Every atom in your body
Came from a star that exploded
You are all star dust
From a star that exploded
Look up at the night sky
We are part of that
The universe itself
Exists within us
We are star dust
In the highest exalted way
Called by the universe
Reaching out to the universe
We are star dust
In the highest exalted way
Reaching out to the universe
With these methods and tools of science
[Richard Feynman]
Stand in the middle and enjoy everything both ways
The tininess of us;
The enormity of the universe
The atoms that make up the human body
Are traceable to the crucibles
That cooked light elements
Into heavy elements
These stars went unstable in their later years
And then exploded
Scattering their enriched guts
Across the galaxy
We are part of this universe
We are in this universe
The universe is in us
Yes, the universe is in us

Video della settimana 5/12/812: The Quantum World !

Un video altro di Synphony of Sciences, già messo l'altro anno, con le voci di Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Frank Close a proposito della fisica quantistica.

[Morgan Freeman]
So, what are we really made of?
Dig deep inside the atom
and you'll find tiny particles
Held together by invisible forces
Everything is made up
Of tiny packets of energy
Born in cosmic furnaces
[Frank Close]
The atoms that we're made of have
Negatively charged electrons
Whirling around a big bulky nucleus
[Michio Kaku]
The Quantum Theory
Offers a very different explanation
Of our world
[Brian Cox]
The universe is made of
Twelve particles of matter
Four forces of nature
That's a wonderful and significant story
[Richard Feynman]
Suppose that little things
Behaved very differently
Than anything big
Nothing's really as it seems
It's so wonderfully different
Than anything big
The world is a dynamic mess
Of jiggling things
It's hard to believe
The quantum theory
Is so strange and bizarre
Even Einstein couldn't get his head around it
In the quantum world
The world of particles
Nothing is certain
It's a world of probabilities
It's very hard to imagine
All the crazy things
That things really are like
Electrons act like waves
No they don't exactly
They act like particles
No they don't exactly
[Stephen Hawking]
We need a theory of everything
Which is still just beyond our grasp
We need a theory of everything, perhaps
The ultimate triumph of science
I gotta stop somewhere
I'll leave you something to imagine

Video della settimana 7/1/13: Macromolecules Gangnam Style Parody

Tra i tanti video che fanno la parodia al Gangnam Style e che imperversano nel web, abbiamo scelto uno tra quelli di scienze: Macromolecules Song - Gangnam Parody . Attivate i sottotitoli.

Video della settimana 31/1/13: The Polyatomic Ion Rap

I mean so an ionic compound has a metal and a nonmetal right?
That means so a molecular compound, you know what I’m sayin’,
Has to have two or more nonmetals right?
Okay, so what we learning? Polyatomic ions
You know those electrically charged pc’s (particles) formed by covalent bonds of atoms
You know what I’m sayin’, of two or more elements
I’m gonna show you how it’s done right now..
NH4 is ammonium, H3O+ is hydronium and both of them man have a? positive charge.
The test is coming soon so know who they are.
What about cyanide? That’s CN-. What about hydroxide? That’s OH- .
And both of them are negatively charged; once again just know who they are.
Now moving on, just listen to the flow
Hypochlorite is ClO-, not to mention it is negatively charged like chlorite, which is ClO2-.
But moving? on man, I’m gonna do this real great
ClO3- is chlorate. ClO4-, that’s perchlorate, negatively charged than it is real great.
Ha then we gonna do it real tight,
NO2-, yeah that’s nitrite. NO3-, yeah that’s nitrate, both negatively charged real great.
So? is permanganate, MnO4-. So is bisulfate, HSO4-.
So is bisulfite, HSO3-. So is bicarbonate, HCO3-.
I think I know this, I know I know this, these polyatomic ions, I’m focused. I think I know this, I know I know this, these polyatomic ions, I’m focused.
Okay, okay, okay.
Now let me see if you know the negatively 2 charged polyatomic ions. Let me see what you got.
Carbonate, CO3--. Chromate, CrO4-. Sulfite, SO3--. Sulfate,? SO4--.
Peroxide, yeah that’s O2--. Dichromate, Cr2O7-. Cr2O7-. Cr2O7-. Hydrogen Phosphate, HPO4--.
What about phosphate? PO4---.
What else about phosphate? It’s a part of my lesson
And it has about 3 extra electrons.
I think I know this, I know I know this, these polyatomic ions, I’m focused.

Video della settimana 14/3/13: Get Taq

Video della settimana 05/5/13: Blame it on the DNA

Una Gangnam Style parodia dell'Università di Calgary realizzata da un team iGEN. A look at the day in the life of a iGEM Style undergraduate scientist.

Video della settimana 25/5/13: iGEM Style

Una Gangnam Style parodia dell'Università di Calgary realizzata da un team iGEN. A look at the day in the life of a iGEM Style undergraduate scientist.Se ingrandite il video potete vedere i sottotili in inglese e mandarlo in HD.

Video della settimana 9/6/2013: Gemetics Rap

Un video di genetica che racconta tutto ma proprio tutto sulla genetica e sulla biologia moilecolare. Di seguito il testo.

Dr. Wheeler gave us this project,
But I must say, and I mean no disrespect,
that I choose to neglect, cuz this is incorrect,
I've checked and checked so Im just freestyling now,
What ever comes to my mind, I'll write it down.
While im sitting on a train riding uptown,
Im just looking around, tryin to make it sound
like its genetics, but it aint.
A scientific story with my words I'm tryin to paint
And I've gotta try to use restraint,
Cuz this flow I don't wanna taint,
but I aint no saint, im high as balls and I'm feeling faint.
Should I rap about cancer or McJagger,
or about finding life's true answer.
About alleles and gene pairs or human telomeres
But now I've decided to give you an overview,
in lieu of what I was gonna do, now lemme start anew, cuz
Oompa loompa dippity doo, I got another lesson for you.
Let's think back to September, or was it November,
hell I just can't remember when we first learned about genes,
the universal unit of inheritance, present in my body in abundance.
Genes are made up of Deoxyribonucliec acid, man that word is so big it makes mah mouth rancid.
Phosphodiester bonds hold it together,
say that at a party you will sound mad clever.
DNA is compounded into chromatin fiber,
put it all together and you have chromosome with a histone binder.
Acentric, subcenttric, acrocentric, metacentric, not tryna get too very eccentric
These are the locations of telomeres on yo chromosome pairs.
Next step mitosis, if it go wrong then we trigger apoptosis.
I gotta pass on mah genes to mah somatic cells,
So, I thought I might dwell,
for a minute so we can excel.
Yo chromosome replicate, how they do this I will demonstrate.
DNA Replication, if it goes right then we can have a celebration,
if it goes wrong you end with an amalgamation, which causes annihilation,
lots of devastation, your body will go through hesitation, tryin to get authentication,
DNA polymerase will launch an investigation, and DNA ligase will sit back in speculation,
If it is irreparable, p53 will cause detonation resulting in the annihilation of the mutation.
However, if it goes smoothly, and coolly, your DNA will be held together loosely,
Until you reach M phase, at the start of prophase
your chromatin condense, triggers a series of events.
Metaphase line up, Anaphase split up,
Telophase envelope arise. Cytokinesis, the cells divide.
And there you have it, the process we call mitosis.
I could go on and on about meiosis. But all you need to know is this.
In the first Mieotic division, Synapses form due to Double Strand break repair,
crossing over results, chromosomes gettin impaired.
Leptonema, Zygonema, Pachynema, Diplonema and Diakenesis
Dear God how do I know this.
After terminilization, you have achieved recombination,
And then come a few more steps and we get to the second meiotic division.
Then we talked in December, or was it October,
about the disease that is known as cancer.
Oncogenes, tumor suppressors, and mutators
The entire unit went by in a blur.
All I remember is that cancer is caused by accumulating mutations
and simply thats all there is to the machinations.
I also remember Knudson's two hit hypothesis, and I'm proud of it.
pRB and p53, when I hear those, I just wanna run up a tree,
you feel me?
Then in January was it, we began Mendel.
That dude made mah life a livin hell.
If I wanna know my granddaddy's hair, I had to make a freakin Punnet Square.
Dominant, recessive, man wasn't it depressive?
Maybe even oppressive. Those memories I just wanna keep em repressive.
Epistatic relationships, murder, 9:3:3:1 ratios,
Somebody call CSI Miami, Caine Horatio.
Honest to god, Dr. Wheeler we all love you,
But Gregor Mendel and Thomas Hunt Morgan, we just wanna throw em out of a window.

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